We wanted to  Recognizes all the great things that our
Franchisee & Team Members do to make KFC so great here in the Southwest Region..
We have a new Recognition Committee that would like all Franchisee to submit the person or persons from their orginization that they would like to recognize. We will also be looking for those we as a region want
to recognize.

More information to come soon about this program..... 
"Submit Your Super Star"
Name of Reconized
Information about your Submission

Southwest Regional Team Member Recognition

Darlinda Begay
(left Darlinda )

Has been employed with Team KFC Shiprock NM for 10 yrs.
She is a Teamlead and is a great asset to KFC Shiprock. This was her first job and she has been dedicated to excellence, is a great trainer for our new employees in the prep area and is dedicated to making it the Colonels way. 
Making the Colonel Proud every Day.

KFC Shiprock 10 Years of Service Awards
(Left to Right)
Larry Atcitty -  Darlinda Begay - Valerie Hastings

These 3 are top notch employees, dedicated to Excellent Service, hard work and it is always done with an amazing smile and attitude. 
We thank you for all you do to make us GREAT....
 Andrea Reeves

Is part of Schoenhofer organization Durant, KS
She began as a cook and worked her way to an RGM in just a short time.  During that time she has built an amazing store and grown sales tremendously.
She does whatever is asked of her and is always willing to do whatever it takes to improve operations. She is a mom to 5 wonderful children and always makes sure to put family first.
She is a true asset to the schoenhofer team.

2019 Super Regional Savannah GA

​​Samantha Schoenhofer

​Recognized by Chris Caldwell for 
Dedicated to making things happen in the business and making it stick. 
Great Job 
Ryan Androes

The 2019 Southwest Shining Star Recipient. Ryan Has worked for many years for Ampex Foods, he is a single father and Franchisee. 
He is the 2nd VP of the Southwest Executive Board.
Congratulations Ryan !!!!!
​​ Kelli Spring

Southwest President Roger Sparks awarded Kelli The Presidents Award.
Kelli has been the Southwest Regional Secretary for the last 3 year and has contributed much to the region. Her dedication to excellence help service the region. 
​Congratulations Kelli !!!!
Kentucky Fried Wishes 2019​​
On September 24th 2019 Vice President Scott Duke suprised our very first Kentucky Fried Wishes grantee Shane McKinney with his wish to take his father on a dream vactaion. ​​

2019 SW & NW Spring RGM / ARL / Franchisee Meeting Las Vegas, NV 

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director
  7. Managing Director
  8. Managing Director
Vendor of the Year
Jeff North
Parapet Studios
Service Award 2019
Greg Atwell

Bill Ford

Super Regional 2019
Denver, CO

Driving Best on Block
Ryan Androes