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Best Practices
  1. Follow up
    RGMs that follow up have better Team members than those that just assume things are done.
  2. Training is a Must
    The more training a team member has the more comfortable they are in their job duties and the better they preform. Means more money in your pocket, less turn over and happier work place
  3. Maintaining Equipment
    Your equipment is your life blood. If it is not maintained and clean regularly it will not work properly. Every Cooker should be stripped down once every 3 months and deep cleaned, or per manufactures guidelines.
Speed with Service
"Secret Recipes"  -  The Bowlings 

KFC has been pushing SWS for a couple of years now, so much so that it is now 30% of the OSC results.
Running SWS requires a sense of urgency mindset.
There are lots of tools to use to help with SWS.  Listed below is 2 that can be useful.
1.  TRED
      T – Target setting and communications – Does your team know what your daypart, daily, weekly and quarterly targets are?
 Do you use Shift Huddles to communicate expectations?
 Do you recognize when goals are achieve?  
 Do you set new targets when goals are reached?
 Do your stores/Areas call or text each other to see who is fastest?
      R -  Rush Ready – Do we have enough product to get us through the peak periods?
Is the DT and FC areas stocked with cups, straws, napkins etc…?
 Is the pack line stock with buckets, lids, super boxes, liners etc…?
Are the cash drawers stocked with enough change to get through peak periods?
    E – Equipment – Do we have headsets that work?  Remember there are stores with 1 headset working that still run fast SWS!
Does the DT speaker system work?
Does the DT window open properly?
Do the pressure and open fryers work properly?
     D – Deployment -  Do we have enough people scheduled to handle the business?
Is the team we scheduled trained in the positions they are working?
Do we have a cross trained team that can slide deploy into new positions as needed?


     Transactions are limited by the slowest point – aka Bottleneck.  It is either a window or pack line issue.
       If food is waiting at the window to be handed out, the “Bottleneck” is at the DT cashier.  
The cashier may need help because they are busy doing other tasks such as making drinks, taking order etc… Or the cashier could be leaving their position.
If the food is not ready at the window, the “bottleneck” most likely is a pack line issue.  
Do we have enough people working on the line? 
Are we waiting on product? 
Were all the stations stocked properly prior to the business starting?

Once you know where the issue is, you can start working on solutions to the SWS problem.      
Speed Culture is built by sense of urgency mindset, competition between stores/Areas, teamwork and pride is one’s performance at being the best. 

A few months back, AKFCF President, Eric Overcash appointed Larry Starkey to take the lead on a “Best Practice” initiative along with the support of the AKFCF Education Committee. We know there is so much to learn from one another if we take the time to share our knowledge.
If others are doing well, people tend to be interested in what they are doing and how they’re doing it, so that they, too, can be successful. Sharing best practices is a key part attributing to the success of any organization.
A best practice, loosely-defined, is a standard-operating method that produces the best performance and results. Best practices are not, however, rules or laws. They are bendable, adaptable to individual needs and systems. They are learning tools. Having a franchisee culture that embraces the sharing of best practices can help avoid reinventing the wheel, and more quickly enact new processes or programs that can help improve internal processes and service to customers. By its very nature, a franchise organization thrives on best practices. Sharing what successful franchisees are doing encourages others to do the same.
Our hope is to provide these “Secret Recipes” videos to you on a regular basis. You will also be able to find them in the Members Only section on the AKFCF Website.
The Bowlings
We traveled to Dayton, Ohio to find out why the five restaurants of Don and Joan Bowling were up 12.5 percent in sales for 2017. Four of their restaurants have been remodeled, and the results are way above normal. We wanted to find out what they might be doing differently. Watch the video to see and better understand their results.​

 * Their restaurants were in good condition prior to the remodeling 
 * Most of the Dayton DMA was remodeled as a market 
 * Find out why the "Lid Effect" could have made a difference 
 * See their digital reader boards and their impact to customer perception 
 * A new approach to operations 

 Ampex on Employee Evaluations

We have semi-annual Performance Appraisals (PA’s) at Ampex Brands.  We do the first one in June and this is basically a mid year review of the employees performance.  It lets them know what they are doing well and also their areas of opportunity. We go over the Stores and Companies targets and see how well they are achieving these goals.  This helps them understand what they need to do to become successful or ways to continue to improve their performance.

The second Performance Appraisal is in December and this one is used to decide who gets pay increases.  All employees get a review, but only the best performers get increases.  Our merit increase average is 3% each year.

We are also flexible during the course of the year to give out pay increases as needed, to give to “Outstanding” people who might be underpaid compared to their performance.  This is on an exception basis

Ryan Andoes
Director of Operations

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